umman believes in being curious and being human to explore, to let new people in and new experiences in. to be mindful of ourselves and our world.

that is why umman donates a percentage of its profit to the richmond, california based mindful life project that serves inner city school children who are underserved and are often living in traumatic homes and communities.

it is easy for these children to close themselves up to people and to the world because it is their only tool to protect themselves.

the project teaches the children new tools such as therapeutic art, yoga, meditation and performing arts to help students understand and navigate their feelings, emotions, thoughts and life experiences so that they can make wiser and positive decisions as they move through their life and explore the people they want to become.

“we practice mindfulness so we can be calmer, more present, and be better to the world and everything that lives on it” - 5th Grader


W A T C H  T H E  V I D E O

D O N A T E   D I R E C T L Y

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